Turron ice cream

by Marta Sirvent, WA








Elaboration method

1# Method

  • Toast the almonds in a pan, very slow until they get a golden colour
  • Make sure that the almonds are very cold before putting them into the blender
  • Blend the almonds into a ground texture. Set aside
  • In a medium size pot place the honey and the sugar and make a syrup until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Add the eggwhite into the pot when the syrup is lukewarm
  • Whisk well
  • Add the lemon zest and cinnamon
  • Add the ground almond into the pot and mix well with and spatula
  • Place is a mould, between baking papers ,traditionally is a rectangular one but you can use a round one too .
  • Leave it to set in the fridge ideally overnight

1# For ice cream

For the ice cream you can take this quantity of turron and keep in a bowl not in a mould

Wisk 400 ml of thicken cream and add it to the “liquid turron”

Leave it at least for 8 hours in the freezer.