Enter to Win a Masterclass and learn how to cook


Celebrate the first EatSpanish Online event with our community by participating in the “The Mother of all Spanish Omelettes” Contest!

First things first!

What’s the contest’s prize?

You will be winning a Zoom Masterclass on how to make the “Best Spanish Omelette in the World” for four persons with EatSpanish President and Le Cordon Bleu Melbourne’s instructor Chef Javier Gonzalez.

Are you keen? Awesome!

What do you need to do to win?

  • Follow the account where you are seeing the post: either our sponsor’s La española AU or our own EatSpanish account both on Facebook or Instagram.
  • “Like” the post.
  • Leave us a comment in the post and include the hashtag: #themotherofalltortillas.
  • Tag the 4 people with whom you want to share the masterclass.

Contest Dates

The Mother of All Spanish Omelettes Contest will begin on 16/04/21 and it will end on 25/04/21.

How will the winner be chosen?

1. We will identify the participants who meet all the above requirements

2. We will select the most creative post!

The winner will be announced on our Instagram profiles on 27/04/21.


We take this opportunity to thank our Sponsors La Española AU for their support and collaboration in this project, and each one of you who has taken the time to participate.

These are the Ts and Cs of the contest

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Don’t miss this chance to share a fun experience with your friends or loved ones while learning to become a master in Spanish omelette making!